์Cotton Dog Resort and Care is the first standardized hotel for dogs in Thailand. You may have new experience with our services.

We want your fur-babies to be comfortable and to be happy here!  Here at Cotton Dog Resort and Care we focus on the needs of your fur-kids. We have multiple boarding options that we can Customize to Fit your fur-kids Needs.
 We Don’t Charge Extra for what is a Standard at Paw Paw’s, Unlimited Love and Attention from Staff and Doggy Daycare is Included in Each Stay!
No Extra Fee for Comfort, Fun, Tons of Love and Fantastic Care!
Each Fur-kid is asked to come to an evaluation day prior to them coming to stay overnight with us. The evaluation day is a trial day of how it will be when they come to board. They get to meet us, make friends get to know the place before having to stay over. At this time we can asses how they are with dogs, being away from home, how they are around us, how tired or sore some maybe if older and can let you know how we think they will do so you can worry less while you are away. It’s always best to stay somewhere familiar, practice makes perfect!
Ask about a Departure Bath! We play hard and we get dirty there is no doubt about it!